Mixers and Dryers

With working capacities up to 75 cu. Meters (2,650 cubic feet) available, Saturn processors are available with numerous options, mdso the unit is virtually customized to meet the needs of your operation. Various options include :

  • vacuum drying unit for removal of solvents from powder level readings
  • vacuum unit for degassing products that entrap air during processing
  • sampling during operation
  • continuous product level readings
  • central dispersion tool for delumping and dispersing
  • spray systems for liquid additions or coating powders
  • CIP systems
  • Nitrogen purging
  • Type of discharge valve
  • Steam sterilization of vessel and seals

Additionally , the SPS Group Engineering department utilizes the latest computer software to design complete systems to meet your requirements. Other services include:

  • Designs and price quotations evaluated by “Finite Element Analysis”
  • program to assure that units meet or exceed all commercial design requirements.
    Fully equipped test facility / pilot plant available to customers
  • Maintenance / rebuilding for all conical screw equipment

Dimensions and sizes, please click to enlarge

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